XIRIUS GIOIELLI | Via Primo Tatti, 14 - 22100 Como Italy | ITALIAN

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The skill of goldsmiths joins the charm of the stones.

The beauty of original and hence unique gemstones, teamed with a beguiling design that is 100% made in Italy. Constantly new collections, in line with the latest trends, experiment with colours, shapes and designs. Craftsmanship skill in the production process, with painstaking care for details, combining passion with attentiveness. This is our world. We source our stones mainly between Madagascar and Africa, China and India, without forgetting Brazil.
The stones in our collections are mainly hand worked, some are machine worked, and they feature either natural or reinforced colours. The 925° silver semi-finished products are on the other hand Italian products which are available with several galvanic treatments. The jewellery is created only in Italy and it is a completely manual process, resulting from our experience and our keen eye on the latest fashion trends. Discover elegance and allow yourselves to be guided.

  • Laila – Portachiavi

  • Carla – Orecchini

  • Helene – Orecchini

  • Cherie – Collana

  • Cherie – Bracciale