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  • Xirius is a craft workshop which was formed thanks to its creator's twenty years of experience. Passion and research are the fundamental components of Xirius products, which include jewellery, fashion accessories featuring semi-precious stones and freshwater pearls, resulting from a careful material selection process and painstaking care for details and processing. Xirius offers a broad range of solutions including necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings, which have all

  • been designed to accompany every moment of your day with charm and elegance. Exclusively Made in Italy, every single item is crafted by hand and set in rhodium-plated 925° silver, with our constant desire to emphasise the value and enhance the appeal of original and unmistakable stones. Distributed across all the best jewellers in the Lombardy, Marche, Liguria and Veneto regions, Xirius also offers customised solutions to accommodate the customer's individual requirements.


  • Ever since the age of antiquity, every stone has been associated with a special property and a particular star sign. Enchanted by these astrological combinations, here are some possible and intriguing matches

    ARIES: bright red stones, such as ruby, garnet, coral, red jasper, but also fire quartz, orange quartz and carnelian.
    TAURUS: stones featuring sparkly colours, such as emerald, lapis lazuli, jade (both pale green and pink) and aquamarine.
    GEMINI: stones affording iridescent reflections, such as agate, tiger's eye, crystal and aquamarine.
    CANCER: iridescent stones such as pearls, mother-of-pearl, moonstone, white coral, but also ruby and green turquoise.
    LEO: blue quartz, topaz, amber, diamond, star quartz, lemon chrysoprase, yellow chrysoberyl and all stones with golden reflections.
    VIRGO: stones in azure blue and grey shades, with iridescent reflections,

  • such as sapphire, blue, chalcedony, kyanite, azurite, moss agate, tourmaline with varied fluorescence and aquamarine.
    LIBRA: green gemstones, such as emerald, blue-green zircon, green jade, lapis lazuli, turquoise, but also opal and agate.
    SCORPIO: gemstones varying from dark red to brown in colour, such as ruby, dark garnet, dark quartz, coral, zircon and haematite.
    SAGITTARIUS: purple, violet and dark blue coloured gemstones, such as amethyst, blue sapphire, blue tourmaline, lapis lazuli, zircon and turquoise.
    CAPRICORN: dark coloured stones, such as black opal, onyx, jet, garnet, haematite, obsidian and dark green stone, and malachite.
    ACQUARIUS: sapphire, lapis lazuli, aquamarine, amethyst, but also fluorescent gemstones, such as tiger's eye and iridescent opal.
    PISCES: aquamarine, turquoise, jade, pale sapphires, but also diamond, amethyst and blue-green stones.